Your Guide to Facebook Power Editor from A-Z

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The Facebook Power Editor is a free plugin that lets you bulk-edit your ads and have more features help you in your facebook campaigns.

Here are main guideline to use Power editor on Facebook :

1) Download Campaigns and Upload Changes

The first thing you’ll want to do in the Power Editor is download all of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads from the Ads Manager so that you will have your past and current campaigns ready to edit.


2) Over View 

power editor 1




3) Create a Campaign

The first step in creating an ad with the Power Editor is setting up a campaign. Click Create Campaign in the top left corner, name your campaign, and select your preferred buying type.

create campaign

4) Create an Ad Set

Facebook  introduced a third level to its campaign structure: ad sets. This means that the primary function of a campaign now is to establish an objective for your groups of ad sets



5) Create Your Ad 

Click over to the Ads tab, and then select the Create Ad button in the top left corner. Chose the campaign and ad set you want to associate your ad with, and then name your ad.

power editor 11


After clicking on Create, you’ll be taken to a work space for creating ads that includes the following three sections: Creative, Audience, and Optimization & Pricing.

6) Types of ad 

Next, you’ll need to decide if you want to create an ad from a page post or use a domain ad.

Let’s look at the difference between the two:

The page post ad is what it sounds like: an ad created from a Facebook page post that can appear in your target audience’s news feeds or in the right column



Domain ads show up in the right column only and take the user to a separate website when clicked on.

right coloumn

7) Benefits of using Power editor 

  • Features 
  1. Custom Audiences
  2. Lookalike Audiences
  3. Saved Audiences
  4. Partner Categories
  5. Conversion Tracking
  6. Conversion Specs
  7. Domain Sponsored Stories
  8. Sponsored Search Results


  • Run Ads on a Time ZoneIf you know your audience is only on Facebook at certain times of day, you can improve your ad performance by showing your ads at those local times.SCHEDULING







  • Optimization  

You can also select daily unique reach, which allows you to bid on impressions (bid per 1,000 people who see              your ad), but limits their views to once per day. av-create-campaign

  • Bulk Uploading

Allows you to upload an Excel spreadsheet of your ads and download them too, if you need to edit them.



  • Controlling the placement of your ads

You can advertise to the people on  mobile device which you want to choose . You can also choose to only show your ad to mobile devices when they’re connected to WiFi.


  • Run Unpublished Posts

An unpublished post looks similar to a regular page post in that it has longer text, but it also includes a call-to-action button and you can control what the link looks like.


  • Reporting with the Power Editor

you can access Facebook’s reporting tool by clicking on the Ad Tools drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Power Editor. This will take you to the Reporting section of the Ads Manager.



Also, you can edit the columns that appear in the list view of the ads workspace by clicking on List Settings and checking off the metrics you want to have on hand.

Power editor 9Power editor 8Power editor 7


“You have always work on discovering always  new ways which make your social advertising more efficient and effective , This guide to conclusion power editor how to use it and it’s benefits to help you in your campaigns”



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