A Year Of Free Chicken Nuggets

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It’s all started when someone called Wendy’s challenged Carter Wilkerson to get 18 million retweets in exchange for a year’s supply of free nuggets.

Carter Got 3 millions retweets and he may make a record on twitter soon.

On the other hand, another part of the internet has been having a very different kind of fun with the fast food chain. Taking inspiration from Wendy’s famously brutal social media comebacks, fan artists are giving the restaurant’s redheaded mascot a mischevious anime makeover.

Behind every snarky tweet, every third-degree burn is an anime girl with a self-satisfied grin. The concept resonated so much with Twitter and the online art community at large that lots of other Smug Anime Wendys started popping up all over. We’ve collected some of our favorites below.









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