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It is of utmost importance for brands to evoke good feelings in their audience.

When done right it enhances brand recall and purchases decision as “Carl W. Buehner” said:

“they may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Shocking your audience and provoking a reaction out of them, evoking empathy should be branded objective when planning Ramadan campaign.

Ramadan is a month of spirituality and generosity due to the foible human nature and challenges of fasting from dawn to dusk, hence, it is the right time to show your brand’s humane side, without guilt-tripping or emphasizing the pain of the less fortunate.
A simple fact about Ramadan’s ads is that they are highly emotional and many of them are for a good cause as it is the month of charity, and people get a lot more generous around that time than any other time in the year.

Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation Emotional Uplifting Ramadan Ad:

Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation is is a non-profit, non-governmental organization providing free world-class medical services to the less privileged in Egypt and throughout the region in the field of cardiovascular diseases. MYF Ramadan ads are a thing of beauty, unlike any other non-profit organization, the uplifting adverts compels you to donate with a happy heart.

MYF changed their approach for this Ramadan campaign by opting out of the celebrity-filled campaign and has chosen a simpler, even more effective way. By casting cute, innocent looking children, singing the rewritten oldies song, Albi w Moftaho “قلبي و مفتاحة” by Farid el Atrash.

The advert gained 33K views on Youtube, 492K views and total of 32K engagement on Facebook.

Ramadan 2017 Copy: 


The rewritten lyrics is heartwarming without being too sad or heartbreaking. The kids are innocent-looking, totally adorable. The color scheme chosen is warm and calming and the ad showcase how even if they are sick and their most vital organ is rendering them from enjoying their everyday life and normal activities, they are still making the best of their situation and adapting to what they have available.
Turning the grim hospital to a joyful playground. The attention to details is remarkable.

We hear in this scene the child singing, “When I am in pain, your presence is my cure” as he is sitting on top of a medical book called “Cure of the Heart”.

The subliminal message of donating is apparent throughout the ad, however the subtle way makes it even more heartwarming and effective.

The Use of Soft Colors in the advert:

The use of colors is a very important tool in marketing, be it in the logo or collateral printing or tv ads.

MYF has successfully transcended the ad by choosing warm and pastel colors.
The psychological meaning behind the use of color blue is evoking calmness and trust. The color yellow has many meanings but it reflects optimism, friendliness. Complimenting these colors is pink which conveys warmth, love and femininity.

As we will see below, many people are commenting on the peacefulness they felt when watching the advert which we think is due to the combination of the familiar, calm tunes of the song and the warm, soft color scheme throughout the whole advert.

Audience Reactions:

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