What’s the latest news about social networks happened last week?

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imfnd brings together the latest news happenings in social networks last week

Today we will share with you the latest news happens last week across the social network:

First Facebook

 1) Facebook Announces Group Payments in Messenger

Now you can send or receive money between groups of people on Messenger. Simply tap on the plus sign in the bottom left-hand corner of a group conversation to find more features, and tap the payments icon ($). Then, choose who to send or request money from. You can choose everyone in the group or only a few members.

2) Facebook launched new improvements to video metrics in page insights

Facebook is rolling out a number of improvements to video metrics in Page Insights based on the previous feedback from publishers:

  • Adding aggregate minutes viewed (which enables publishers to see minutes viewed across all videos on a Page.)
  • Simplifying aggregate video views
  • Making it easier to analyze metrics across a date range
  • Enabling comparisons between current video metrics and historical benchmarks
  • Making it possible to sort top videos by minutes viewed or views

3) Facebook Releases New Courses to Help Journalists Make Better Use of Facebook

Facebook has launched a new ‘Facebook for Journalists’ certificate program which aims to educate journalists on how to utilize the platform to best effect. Also, it provides some interesting lessons that would be of value for all Facebook users, making it worth a look.

4) Facebook released new report about Ramadan and how to join the conversion

You can download the report from here (http://bit.ly/2pl1nhG)

5) Facebook announced the number of messenger monthly active users

Facebook has announced that Messenger Is Now Twice the Size of Instagram with 1.2 Billion monthly active users

Second Instagram

 6) Instagram launched The New Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct can turn any conversation into a visual conversation with photos and videos. Texts and reshares will now appear in the same thread with disappearing photos and videos.


Third Twitter

7) Twitter is trying to help brand marketers to measure the impact of their advertising

Twitter has announced a new set of partnerships with third-party measurement providers to give businesses more confidence in the accuracy of the response data they’re seeing on the platform. To facilitate this, Twitter’s partnered with Moat and Integral Ad Science (both of whom are also working with Facebook) to provide additional oversight on their reported metrics.

8) Twitter Will Enable Brands to Create ‘Custom Hearts’ for Periscope Videos

Twitter is offering brands an immersive and personalized way to integrate campaigns into video via Custom Hearts on live and on-demand Periscope video. As video continues to play a prominent role in brands’ campaigns and content strategy, activating Custom Hearts is a new way for brands to visually and natively amplify their campaigns within live video.


Fourth Google

9) Google has launched new app for ordering food or home services in India

Google has quietly launched a new app called Areo which currently only works in Bangalore and Mumbai, India, allowing users to order meals from nearby restaurants or schedule appointments with local service professionals, including electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers, and more.

10) Google is building a job platform for recruiters.

Google is now testing a new project called Hire to tackle the task of managing job applications for recruiters


 11) Google has launched “Similar Items” feature on mobile web and android

Google makes fashion image searches more like Pinterest, the company recently launched a “Similar Items” feature on mobile web and Android to point users to more products they’ll love – like handbags, sunglasses, and shoes.

12) Google’s AutoDraw uses machine learning to help you draw

Google is launching a new experiment that uses machine learning algorithms to match your doodles with professional drawings to make you look like you know what you’re doing.

You can try this tool from here:


Fifth Snapchat

13) Snapchat’s Introducing New Data Options to Highlight the Offline Impact of Snap Ads

Here’s what the Snap to Store measurement dashboard looks like:


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