WE Telecom has created the first big production advert of 2019, and the 1st football advert!

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WE Telecom Creates an Anthem for the Red Devils “Al Ahly”: #‏معاك_يا_أهلي

In just two days, the advert gained 3.5M views, and it is number 18 on trending. The advert on Facebook has gained 4M views, and has gained 271.1K engagement (shares, likes and comments).

WE Telecom creates an adverts announcing its sponsorship for Al Ahly Club featuring, Captain Ikramy, Hossam Ghali, Gilberto, Hossam Ashour and many more Ahly legends.

The faithful dedication of Al Ahly fans’ vibrates throughout the advert. The lyrics, music arrangement and Al Ahly stars featured in the advert showcase a well-thought and execution of the advert.

Also, the sentimental shot where Emad Moteab and captain Saleh Selim are side by side has touched audience’s souls.

WE Telecom has changed it’s purple, gradient logo to white to go along with the red famous jersey of Al Ahly club.

Earlier this month, Egypt has won hosting the CAF African Cup of Nations (CAN) which will begin on the 7th of June, 2019.

WE Sponsors Egypt’s local Games:

Aside from the new sponsorship, WE Telecom is also sponsoring Egypt National Football Team, which they created series of ad for last year when we joined World Cup after 28 years. Check out our special articles here; https://bit.ly/2GJUF9x, https://bit.ly/2U88i9s and https://bit.ly/2FLWV48.

When WE Telecom first emerged, it has sponsored many Egyptian local teams, and it’s sponsoring Egypt’s local Football games, almost total monopoly of Egyptian football local games.

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