WE Releases First Episode of the World Cup Campaign Filled with Action and Fun |مصر_بصوت_100_مليون#

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We are all hooked on some kind of TV series whether it be a seasonal Ramadan series like Kalabsh 2, Raheem and Nesr el Seid or others binge-watch seasons like The Heist (La casa de papel) or Game of Thrones.

There is one thing in common, every episode keeps you coming back for more, cliffhangers and story evolution enthralls us into following and waiting years between seasons to know what will happen next. The curiosity.

When brands implement the episodic tactic, it is a sure approach to keep the audience coming back, aside from any preference they will keep coming out of curiosity to know more.

WE creates episodic campaign for its first Ramadan: مصر_بصوت_100_مليون#

WE’s World Cup campaign started with two teaser copies, read more about them here: http://bit.ly/2JmPOQV

Few days ago, another cinematic episode of “الصوت المفقود” (The Missing Voice) was released. The dramatic, deep voice of Ahmed Abdel Aziz guides Ahmed Ezz and Karim Abdel Aziz in a fun and action-packed treasure hunt.

Ezz and Karim are assigned to a treasure hunt for the famously unique Saeed Vocalize’s voice to complete 100M cheers for the national team.

In a duration of almost 12 hours, Ezz and Karim are sent from one task to the other, following breadcrumbs to the elusive Saeed. Facing and overcoming many ventures like diner fights, being mistaken for a heist’s driver and even escaping dangerous Bengal tigers.

The actors choice was great, as the script is funny, serious and whole lot sarcastic.

The first episode gained 1.9M views and 29K engagement on Facebook. On Youtube it was viewed 698K times.

WE creates a clever cliffhanger: “Saeed’s voice plot twist”

In room “015”- do you get the hint at the operator service’s digits-, the plot thickens and behind the door lies the-hard-to-track-down Saeed. But the most unique voice turns out to be hoarse, now the mission is hanging by a frayed cord.
Is the mission ruined? What is the fate of the 99,999,999 cheer for the national team?
Wait, what was that?
Anticipation rises. Mr. Saeed’s caregiver has an even more unique voice, the mission will still go, but WE left us hanging.

Who is the mysterious man? What will Ezz and Karim do? Will the mission go smooth or more bumpy? Many questions left unanswered.

Till then there are few points in the first episode of WE’s World Cup series/campaign that qualifies this ad to be a smart branded content than direct advertisement, like the cinematic execution, attention to product placement (in exclusion of the logo of course) and plot twist.

Share with us, who do you think is the missing voice? Will he help Ezz and Karim to complete the mission?

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  1. Noha says

    اعتقد الصوت المفقود هيطلع سمير الاسكندراني

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