WE Brings the Experts to Share Secrets with the National Team in a Motivational Ad منتخب_ورا_المنتخب#

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WE has struck another one out of the field with its new copy for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

After a great success with casting Samir Al Eskandarany in the Search of the Missing Voice series, WE has even more tricks up its sleeve.

WE is Proving that Experience is Everything:

Sharing hard earned knowledge is one of the unique strengths of great leaders. WE is proving yet again, that experience is what matters.

WE has brought the Egyptian National Team which played in World Cup 1990 in Italy to share their timeless knowledge and experience with the new generation who will be playing tomorrow in the 2nd match of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia against Uruguay.

The ad featuring the unsung heroes of 1990, Ahmed Shobeir, Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan, Hany Ramzy, Ashraf Kassem, Taher Abu Zaid, Gamal Abdelhamid, Hesham Yakan and Rabie Yassin. Taking the lead of the the National Team was their coach Hector Cooper and also, Mahmoud Trezeguet, Ramadan Sobhi and Mohamed ElNenny, they drank in the lessons of the experts.

The copy in less than 24 hours gained 1.1M views and 56K engagement on Facebook.

WE Tactical Maneuver: منتخب_ورا_المنتخب#

WE has started with a spy, action packed series featuring Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Karim Abdel Aziza and Ahmed Ezz, and finished it with an emotional, heartwarming song by the prominent Samir El Eskandarany. His song and in particular, sang by his deep, baritone, unforgettable voice moved many Egyptians. The emotional tactic enriched the brand with lots of positive buzz.

Read more about it here:


Now, WE is using a different tactic, which is motivational, in a fun tunes and sarcastics lyrics the message is delivered loud and clear “they are not 11 players, but Millions!”.
The last generation of players who attended the last World Cup in 1990 before the 28 dry years, had many secrets to share with the new generation as they weren’t cheering but playing to make million of Egyptians happy, and now is the new generation’s turn.
WE is uniting the old and the new, uniting all Egyptians, and motivating the National Team, that whoever they are playing it won’t matter as there are millions of Egyptians cheering them on and praying for them.

Check out what the famous Egyptian show host Lamis El Hadidy said about the advert:

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