Vodafone Ramadan 2017 “فرحة اول مرة”

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Vodafone launched a new campaign for Ramadan 2017, Share with us your opinion about this ad for this year vs last year.

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فرحتك قوة #فرحة_أول_مرة

مفيش زي فرحة أول مرة….خلي رمضان فرحة ليك وللحواليكڤودافون…فرحتك قوة#فرحة_أول_مرة

Posted by Vodafone Egypt on 2017 m. gegužė 27 d.

  1. ibrahim hamdy karaka says

    that’s great

  2. ibrahim hamdy karaka says

    this year vodafone ad is more advanced than the last year

  3. Mona Mansour says

    فحلين و أمهم شمتانين في ولد رفيع و بياكل سندوتش أثناء الصيام، وهما متجهين لبطولة سومو (أفتكر كدة)
    الإحتفاء بمشهد شماتة رخيص هو المعادل الكيوت للتحريض على العنف ضد من يخالف تعاليم الدين
    Even though these are advertising professionnels, they weren’t able to hide their personnel ugly manners..

  4. Sherine Rashed says

    All i saw was two bullies متنمرين cheered by their mom ..what a pity ! i would rate it 0 if there was one

  5. Omar Elshafei says

    This is simply a disgusting sectarian ad stigmatizing non fasting children. In our current climate of heightened sectarianism, this can only be described as criminal. Shame on you, Vodafone!

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