UNAIDS Egypt Creates a Heart-Warming Cinematic Awareness Campaign Based on a True Story

UNAIDS Egypt Creates a Heart-Warming Cinematic Awareness Campaign Based on a True Story

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Living with a chronic disease is hard enough without having to deal with the outside world.

According to U.N. figures, HIV, which is the virus that causes AIDS, is infecting more young and adolescent people than any other age group.

Also, according to UNAIDS, in Egypt, 2017 adults and children living with HIV are estimated at around 16,000.

Due to the oppression and stigmatization of the disease, more and more people hide their illness and refuse to seek help. We as Egyptians have a long way to go before we fully understand HIV/ AIDS, because we usually mistakenly associate it with homosexuality.


UNAIDS Egypt Creates a Cinematic Awareness Campaign:

UNAIDS is relentless in its pursuit to spread awareness and educate people about HIV/AIDS, to help spread the word and harmony.

Since AIDS is only transmitted through blood, by co-use of needles, injections, cotton or transfusions, sexual intercourse and from pregnant mothers to children, so any other interaction is safe, there is no need to alienate those who struggle with AIDS on a daily basis.


Know. Understand. Don't Discriminate.

اعرف.افهم. متوصمش. أنا جنبك مش هافضل ساكتة…#weareone #learnthelesson #Know #Understand #Donotdiscriminate #Cairokee #UNAIDSegypt #UNAIDSeg #UNAIDS #HIVAIDS #HIV #AIDS #NogoumFM #NileFM #endingaids2030Song by CairokeeActors : أحمد مالك – Ahmed Malek , Salma Abu Deif and Karima MansourLyrics: Amir Eid and Nesma El-ShazlyComposed and Arranged by: CairokeeMusic Production and Mixing: Sherif Mostafa Directed by: Taimour TaimourVocals: Hana Ghoneim & Rita Ashkar Our Official Radio Partners: NogoumFM 100.6 and Nile FMProduction House: The Factory – المصنع

Posted by UNAIDS Egypt on 2018 m. Rugsėjis 10 d., Pirmadienis


The ad was shared 3.9K times and gained 761K views since its release last Sunday.

When a person is labelled by their illness they are no longer seen as an individual but as part of a stereotyped group.

The cinematic, beautiful video addresses the life of a kid who has been stigmatized throughout his life.

Nothing moves us more than a happy ending in a true story, this ad delivers just that.

Based on a true story, the boy’s life is put on hold because he’s alienated, helpless to change how people see him, he’s stuck in a limbo until the word is spread regarding HIV/AIDS and finally he gets his happy ending. As, finally, those who interact with him understand that AIDS is just like any other disease.

The ad is part of the National AIDS Campaign and it’s backed up by the Ministry of Health and Population, UNAIDS, the Swedish Drosos Foundation.


The video’s song is by Cairokee, vocals are Hana Ghoneim & Rita Ashkar, the great talents participated in this work are Ahmed Malek, Salma Abu Deif and Karima Mansour

The song and cast choice were on point, targeting young adults whose understanding of the disease is of the utmost importance at this point.

When you recognize the patients as people, this will help them seek the cure since it’s no longer a terminal disease, now it is manageable.

Know. Understand. Don’t Discriminate… But:

The only drawback in this ad is that it addresses the victim of an addict father. The mother and child are victims to their loved one’s unsafe addiction.

The child had no say to what his father does, and therefore, he was stigmatized. But the main issue is stigmatization overall, no discrimination to any AIDS patient.

Other than that, the video showcased beautifully the struggle AIDS patients go through because of social stigma.

Let us know what you think of the ad in the comments below.

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