Uber Egypt World Cup Ad supports the Egyptian King in a Motivational Artistic Advert!

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Timing is everything! To be able to deliver your brand’s message and objectives when as many people as possible are searching for it, is guaranteed to provide ultimum results.

Uber Egypt has released its first copy of Ramadan/World Cup campaign a day before the Final Champions League. Just as social media was infuriated by what Cristiano Ronaldo had to say about him and Mohamed Salah being similar.

Since Mohamed Salah scored a 95th-minute penalty to beat Congo 2-1 which qualified Egypt to reach the World Cup for the first time in over a quarter of a century, he has been sought after from brands and football fanatics everywhere and Egyptians has been following his impressive career.

Uber Creates a World Cup Ad Backing Up Mohamed Salah: معاك_لحد_ما_توصل#

Uber Egypt has released its first copy of the World Cup campaign, backing up and supporting Mohamed Salah’s goal to achieve even more great records.

The VO and narrative is dramatic and the soundtrack used is a suspense one, elevating and setting the mood to match the challenge and hard work awaiting the Egyptian King!

Uber Egypt’s ad has gained 388K views and 13K engagements on Facebook in just few hours.

The narrative starts by listing Mo Salah’s achievements from being the best player in Africa and England and Premier League Top Scorer but this is not the end. Mohamed Salah’s ambition does not end here.

uber ramadan 2018
uber ramadan 2018

He has recently won the Premier League Golden Boots after breaking another record with his 32nd goal. Salah has scored 44 goals in all competitions this season and been instrumental in Liverpool’s run to the Champions League final.

uber ramadan 2018
uber ramadan 2018

Uber Egypt Recognizes Mo Salah’s Hard Work:

Uber Egypt has shown Mohamed Salah’s journey with the amazing narrative and scenes showing his defeat and rise. Showcasing that nothing and no one can stop the Egyptian King from reaching his goals.

uber ramadan 2018
uber ramadan 2018

He started at Grassroots Pepsi Football League “Dawry Al Madares”, the initiative Pepsi adapted to inspire and support emerging football talent in schools. He has worked hard and became one of the 70 players who were recognized locally and internationally (since the start of Pepsi initiative 1 Million student joined and only 70 made it professionally.).
Later in his career, Mo Salah signed with the Blues (Chelsea) in 2014, but no matter how hard he trained and showed his capabilities he wasn’t in the starting lineup. He only scored twice in 19 appearances with the blues. He was only 22 years old and sidelined.

He did not give up and joined AS Roma and won Best Arab Player in 2016 at the Globe Soccer Awards ceremony after scoring 18 goals for Roma in 2016, helping them finish third in the Italian Serie A as well as reaching the European Champions League round of 16.

Mohamed Salah represents everything that is decent in a human being and every motivational, inspiring greatness in a legend. Uber Egypt has succeeded in showcasing Mo Salah’s persistence and dedication in this outstanding artistic advert.

Uber’s objective is to keep supporting Mohamed Salah’s in his impressive journey along with every Egyptian, “معاك لحد ما توصل”.

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