Twitter’s Adding ‘Sponsored Moments’

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Twitter helps brands be relevant in the moment, and there’s no better way to do that than to be relevant within Twitter Moments. More people are consuming Twitter Moments than ever before, including Moments created by top publishers in sports, entertainment and news. With that brings new premium inventory for advertisers and today


Now, advertisers can sponsor Moments from premium content partners and reach audiences at scale while they view the content they are most passionate about. Sponsored Moments include interstitial Tweets from the brand as well as a branded cover. Similar to other In-Stream Sponsorships, advertisers can promote the Moment to their specific target audience, expanding reach beyond the content partner’s existing followers.


The first example is this Moment from Bloomberg, which is sponsored by Bank of America. You can see the Bank of America branding on the cover image (above the Bloomberg logo), then there’s a Bank of America tweet included within the Moment, amongst the other tweets (I’ve truncated the full Moment for this example).



It’s an interesting way to add another monetization option, enabling brands to attach themselves to content from prominent creators – though it’s not the only Moments ad option available.

Shortly after their initial launch, Twitter launched sponsored Moments, which enables brands to promote directly via the option.



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