Twitter’s Adding More Notification Types to Boost Awareness and Engagement

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Twitter’s been slowly trying to work more of these types of notifications in, capitalizing on user attention without being overly intrusive – which is obviously a tricky balance. But if they can get it right, that might get users coming back to Twitter more often, and as such, Twitter’s been trying out a few new notifications of late, in order to make users aware of relevant conversations.


The idea, of course, is to prompt further engagement – and with Twitter needing to show growth, they’re looking into a much wider range of avenues and options.

This would also include a recent change to their formerly Android-only tool Highlights – a listing of algorithmically chosen tweet content for you – which will now appear in your Notifications tab on both Android and iOS.



Twitter’s also, of course, made changes to their Explore section to showcase more content, adding in new sections to Explore like ‘Popular Articles’ and topic-based highlights, relative to your interests.


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