Top 6 winners and losers during Ramadan commercials race

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Ramadan advertising style didn’t change much like previous years.

The advertising types are divided into two halves:

  1. Advertising about charity
  2. The other half about properties.

Also you will realize that oil, butter and soap advertising disappeared from Ramadan. Although most of these ads are inspired by foreign advertising campaigns,

We will discuss Ramadan 2016 losers and winners. 

Top 6 Losers: 

 1) Juhayna

Juhayna’s main target customers are mothers. I couldn’t understand how come you are targeting mothers and do such ads. Mothers always want to see their kids behaving in a good manner and not using abusive words.

Juhayna you are losing your customers for sure enjoy having nice ad for some other people, who will never consider buying your products.

2) Bisco Misr

When you see this advertising, you feel yourself back to the 80th. I couldn’t believe that until today there are people in advertising agencies who come with such creative.  80th again why?!

3) La Nuova Vista

One of the most provocation campaign during Ramadan “nas shabhak”. If you are targeting A or B+ segment, you should go where you can find them on different media, not mass media like TV, in order to provoke all people that way. This target is almost 2% of the Egyptian population.

4) Ezz Steel

Ezz came back with ad that consider a challenge for most of audience. In my point of view, you cannot ignore what happen; you didn’t even clear your name with PR campaign. You cannot come back to people who are convinced by being guilty and consider it just a crisis and mention that in your ad.

5) Cottonil

Cottonil came with 2 different ads with 2 different tone of voice: one about being proud of the Egyptians manufacturing and one against the Egyptian morals not even considering Ramadan spirit. Even after the decision of preventing the ad from TV, they changed the prevented part with another one. Their objectives from this campaign really weren’t clear.


6) Birell

When I saw the elevator ad, I couldn’t believe myself. You are taking us to extremely another level smallness. When you build an ad you must consider what feelings you want to leave your customers with and what feelings you are associating to your brand. I guess you don’t want to leave them with such disgusting feelings.

Top 6 Winners

1) Vodafone

Vodafone built a very strong platform not only a TV ad but also they complete their campaign online with videos  for celebrates talking about family power and the offers for families. Although they use nostalgia of an old song but with very strong platform and creative well done Vodafone.




This serials of ads is very representative to youths’ daily activities in Ramadan. This why they are near to our hearts;  also they use the nostalgia of our be lovable old songs .Great targeting with a great message.


3) Magdi Yocoub

A new direction this year for the charity campaigns starting by Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation. It’s totally different and outstanding campaign; they didn’t use the begging style that speared all over others TV campaigns. They use the word “heart” in a very emotional and cheerful campaign.


4) El Abd

The blood of the new generation strongly appears in the new strategy that El Abd is following in their TV campaigns and also in their distribution places really outstanding work. What I like in this ad is the strong brand identity appears in the ad colors and also the song is very cheerful, emotional and they succeeded in a choosing in song beats that hang in our minds.


5) Techno mobile

Great campaign as they are using the most required features by youth today which is taking selfie. Also, they are using the Egyptian behavior of showing off; they are using both to show the strong features of their products really well done.

6) Almarai :

The top viewed advert till now in the holy moth with 18 M views on Youtube and 52 M views on Facebook!.Almarai publish this year a touchable campaign before ramadan to promote saving food and share it with others.


Share with us your thoughts about Ramadan’s winners and losers.

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