Top 12 Storytelling techniques to make your Brand more engaging

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Branding is all about storytelling.                                                                      This includes being authentic, building community, sharing your failures and successes, show your personality , tell the truth and much more.

In the digital marketing field also, Brands have to focus on digital storytelling throughout the digital tools; Videos , Canvas posts , Carousel, Stories etc.

Now, Bring your coffee and listen to your favorite music to be ready for reading this article about top 12 Storytelling techniques to make your Brand more engaging:

 1) The Mechanism of great stories:

Learning to tell a good story is the best tool you can employ. Everyone has a story to tell and share it with his friends, followers and audience for Brands. Practice these storytelling techniques by telling your own compelling story without neglecting the 4 mechanisms:

  1. Practice your message
  2. You never want to be fully scripted
  3. The beginning should hook your audience, while the end including the call to action and it must be clear.
  4. Don’t Sell your products or services Directly 
  5. Make the story personal.


2) Show your idea and Hero’s Journey:

When you know how stories work, it’s time to get creative. Take everything you learned about brainstorming, Get a lot of coffee and sweet deserts and grab your team or friends , pick up a notebook and a marker to start thinking.

Regular brainstorming is prevalent in companies that drive innovation and lead the markets in which they serve. They use the brainpower within and outside of their organization to keep in the forefront of modernization and advancement, leaving behind a trail of competitors and followers.                                                                       After that, you have to show your specific idea in your story and sharing the authenticity of your hero’s journey with your audience.


3) Be more social and share your moments with your audience , Friends etc:

People connect with people, Stories that share real photos for your audience, Personal moments , triumph and the overcoming of obstacles are examples of ways to achieve this. This literary idea can be inputted into a powerful brand by conveying your emotions, inner thoughts, and the struggles you have encountered along the way



4) Write a premise:

Once you have got a perfect idea, you should write a premise.

A premise is your story in one sentence. It helps you ensure that your story is interesting enough. Examples of story premises:

Jay’s Dragon Vs Misfortunes Keep – LEGO Ninjago

Lego one of the top brands who are focusing on storytelling tactics in their campaigns,

lego Ninjago sets the evil captain and his Sky Pirates to prepare for a Sky battle

When you write your own premise, you will figure out, whether yours is a story people would love to watch.


5) Don’t sell your product

Nowadays, people can sense advertising immediately. When they do, the story is over. They close the tab and forget about you. Of course, you can’t leave the brand out completely, so the secret is to hide it from the surface.

According to Sprout social , 57.5% of social media users annoyed from brands who posting too many promotions while 34.7% annoyed from brands who haven’t any personality on their social media accounts.


6) Hide information techniques:

Hiding information is crucial to the storyteller’s make-believe. It forces the audience to figure out who the character is and what he is doing and so draws the audience into the story.

Example: In the below advert by Coca-Cola we will notice that the focused on Hulk and anti-man to deliver their message by the end of the commercial through an interesting story:

Always the first impression towards your stories is very important to keep your audience watching you and not being bored. 

7) Be Authentic:

Make sure your story is real.The best way to do that is to base it directly on real life experience.

8) Be Funny but not be silly 

Try to make your story simple and funny, People interact more with the funny content , But take care of your way in storytelling to avoid being silly.

Here you are an example of a funny commercial from Doritos reach +10 M views:

9) Be Visual 

Audiences want to see the story as well as read or hear it. By painting a picture in the audience’s minds, visuals make your brand story more interesting and more memorable, and they make the people in the story more real.

And you to define What kind of visuals you use in your brand storytelling?

It depends on the format, but you should strive to use some kind of visual in every telling of your brand story: Photos, Canvas, graphs, videos, slideshow, infographics, Live Videos and facial expressions.

These all make your story interesting and memorable.


10) Make your story related to your audience and trust on yourself while showing your amazing story:

One of the important notes of the good stories being related to your audience,   You have to understand well your audience behavior to show your story in the right way to be related to their life and interest which will courage them to interact with your story and enhance your marketing message reach.

11) Fail Forward:

As we discussed in the previous steps, The main concept of storytelling is being social and showing your personality.

By nature, We can make something right and others wrong,People hate being wrong or admitting failure too. Ironically, listeners lean in to a storyteller when s/he shares a failure. It makes the storyteller, the speaker, the brand more human, more accessible. When the listener is engaged, share the learning that comes from the failure to transfer your failure into a big success.

This film image released by Paramount Pictures shows Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in a scene from "The Wolf of Wall Street." (AP Photo/Paramount Pictures and Red Granite Pictures, Mary Cybulski)

12) Team are  the main part of any Brand’s Story

“Behind any success story, you find a great team”. 

One of the most important points is sharing with your audience the team who are behind the great story and the team spirit which will make your team more loyal and feel in love with your brand.

Also this matter will make your audience respect your Brand’s vision towards its employees and increase your credebility in the market.




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