Tips for brands to maximize interactions with people during Ramadan

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Facebook MENA has released its key insights from research that shows how consumers in MENA are making decisions during the Ramadan period, with mobile technology playing a key role.
Smartphones especially are transforming all areas of consumers’ lives and creating new ‘mobile moments’ that are extending the Ramadan experience to 7 weeks beyond the traditional time frame of 4-5 weeks.
Facebook MENA research shows the emergence of three phases which consumers go through when planning for Ramadan. (Image Source- Getty Images


Here are the 3 Phases of Ramadan for arab users:

Phase 1 – Discovery (2 weeks pre-Ramadan)
The pre-Ramadan phase is all about discovery, which is hugely important in a world where people are spending more time in mobile apps than browsers. Food and Fashion are two areas where people start planning early.

114Fashion planning also matters to people in the MENA region and starts well before the holiday.

115Phase 2 – Mobile and Visual (4 weeks of Ramadan)
The second phase is about connecting via mobile and visual.


During Ramadan, people are most often to be found on their smartphone, posting and sharing images and videos.

117Phase 3 – Shopping decisions for Eid (1 week)
The final phase is all about last minute opportunities at Eid. People are looking for last-minute travel and technology deals.

120Although many Ramadan purchase decisions are made early, there is a significant opportunity for brands to influence last-minute purchase decisions through promotional offers and targeting.




  1. You have to choose the right ( Content – Time ) which matched with your brand message and be suitable for your audience.
  2. Think mobile and video.
  3. Make variety of your content and use visuals.
  4. Use newsjacking techniques in efficient way.
  5. Don’t copy from others.
  6. Integrate your digital media channels.



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