The Picturesque Setting, High-end Execution & Elegant Cast: WE is Creating a Masterpiece

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One of the most anticipated adverts is the elusive World Cup WE ad after the teaser which was launched a week ago. WE is one of the brands who has created a combined Ramadan and World Cup campaign.

Read more about WE’s infectious earworm song:

This is the first Ramadan for WE and they seem to utilize every trick up their sleeves! Without further ado, WE is still keeping us on the edge of our seats, anticipation increasing and expectations high.

The Telecom behemoth has released another teaser today featuring “Ahmed Ezz, Karim Abd el Aziz and Ahmed Abd el Aziz” (AKA. The Godfather).

The cinematic trailer is filled with suspense, fast vehicles and a mysterious phone call!

In just few hours the ad has earned 677K views on Facebook and total of 20K engagement.

WE Youtube channel has gained 3.20K new subscriber and the ad earned 5.36K views on Youtube.

WE Created Cinematic Trailer to Gather 100M Cheer for the National Team: مصر_بصوت_100_مليون

WE decided for the World Cup campaign to gather and deliver Egyptians’ cheers for the National Team in Russia. We rarely see high-end execution, cinematic-worthy ads, but WE is competing fiercely this Ramadan.

The vehicles choice call to every adrenaline and classic fanatic’s heart, the Suzuki Boulevard M109, and vintage Mercedes SL are breathtaking.

The combination of Ahmed Ezz and Karim Abd el Aziz elegance in the campaign is resulting in a social media buzz. Regarding brand positioning, WE is setting the bar high. The picturesque setting and high-end execution are on a totally another level. Along with, the casting of Ahmed Abd el Aziz leaves us wondering what is this mission?

How will these action/mafia cast collect and deliver 100M cheers for the National Team?

Let us know what you think of the teaser in the comment below.

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