The Marketing Kingdom Is Coming To Egypt

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Kosta Petrov, CEO of P World and Event Director for the Marketing Kingdom, has just announced that the Egyptian edition of the Marketing Kingdom, one of the world’s fastest growing marketing events, will take place from 25-26 October 2015 in Cairo.

“After the phenomenal success of the Marketing Kingdom in 10 countries around the world, we are glad to confirm that we will be hosting the Marketing Kingdom Cairo from 25-26 October 2015 in Cairo. We are currently working very hard with our local and international partners to deliver a top notch event that will focus on the latest trends and challenges in the global marketing world”, he said in his statement.

From what is available on the event’s official website, the Marketing Kingdom Cairo will include interactive presentations on social media marketing, content management and Facebook marketing by Yahoo!, Shazam, Google, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Leo Burnet and Facebook. The organizer is also in final talks to secure a speaker from Twitter, one of the world’s fastest growing social media websites.

The first edition of the Marketing Kingdom was held in Croatia in March 2012. Since then the event has been held 15 record times in 10 different countries including Qatar and Azerbaijan. Most recently, the event was held from 10-11 May 2015 in Amman, Jordan and featured historical presentations by Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo!

For more information about the Marketing Kingdom Cairo you can visit the event’s official website:

Marketing Kingdom Amman supported by Integrated Marketing Foundation #imfnd , Stay Tuned .

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