The Egyptian Question is the one behind exploring Dislike Button Update Clarified by Mark Zuckerberg

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After announcing the dislike button update yesterday by Mar Zuckerberg, many people have many questions about the story behind this update 

Mark received question from Egypt yesterday in Q& A Conference at the headquarter about

When will Facebook add Dislike Button? , 

Mark Said that they are building new features button based on Users feedback as he believe that not every moment is a great moment , 

He also clarify that this update not to depress people for their posts and it will not have the name of Dislike

they are working on this feature name and will announce soon about the full feature update .

 Here’s the video of his response to requests for a Dislike button. At the bottom of this post you’ll find the full transcript of this answer:


So , What exactly did Mark say?

“I think people have asked about the Dislike button for many years…today is the day where I actually get to say that we’re working on it, and are very close to shipping a test of it.”

But it’s not a Dislike button

“we didn’t want to just build a Dislike button because we don’t want to turn Facebook into a forum where people are voting up or down on people’s posts. That doesn’t seem like the kind of community we want to create.”

“People aren’t looking for an ability to downvote other people’s posts. What they really want is to be able to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment, right? And if you are sharing something that is sad, whether it’s something in current events like the refugee crisis that touches you or if a family member passed away, then it might not feel comfortable to Like that post.”

“But your friends and people want to be able to express that they understand and that they relate to you.”

Really, this makes total sense. If Facebook built a Dislike button, it would just cause confusion. If I share a post about victims of a natural disaster, and you Dislike it, does that mean you Dislike that the tragedy happened? That you Dislike the victims? That you Dislike that I posted it? It’s extraordinarily ambiguous in a way that directly conflicts with how Facebook builds products.

This way, if you share something sad, people don’t have to be apprehensive about Liking it because they might give the wrong impression. This apprehension can fool Facebook’s News Feed sorting algorithm into thinking a post isn’t interesting. An empathy button will clue the algorithm in to when a post isn’t Likeable, but it’s still important for people to see.

“But thank you for all the feedback on this over the years. I think we’ve finally heard you and we’re working on this and hopefully we will deliver something that meets the needs of our community”


The new feature which Facebook are working on, for giving more options for users to share their right impressions in all moments Even positive or negative moments, The update not for dislike posts and sharing negativity.

So, We have to always using these features in the right way according to the different situations which we face.



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