Step by Step guide to build a successful AdWords campaigns

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In This article we will make together your first Campaign through Google AdWords

Before we start together building your campaign you have to check first:

  1. Is Adwords right for my business? 
  2. What are my goals? 
  3. It’s all about landing page offer
  4. Go with relevant, unique, and proven ads
  5. Do I have a good website that has been designed to achieve these goals?  
  6. Can I commit to Adwords advertising? 
  7. Using Researching keywords and Use Exact Match keywords in your campaign

Proper keyword research and selection are crucial to the success of your Adwords advertising

if you don’t get this right you can be almost certain that your advertising won’t be profitable.

Bring your Laptop and let’s start together making the campaign

Step 1: Create Your Account and sign in 

Go to: and sign in by your valid gmail account.


Step 2: Click on Campaign icon and choose new campaign.


Step 3: Choose Network only.

You will find 6 choices of setting between Display network and Video and Search












Step 4: Name your campaign and choose all features in Search network settings.


Step5: Include Search Partners” on the “Networks” Section.


Step6: Target Your Geographical Area


Step7: Choose Advanced search and choose your specific area.


Step8: Check the Advanced Location options.


Step9: Choose your targeting Languages.


10:Set Your Default Bid for Clicks & Daily Budget for Your Ads.


11: Choose your delivery method.


12Set up your ad schedule based on when most people are searching for you keywords



13: Optimize Your Ad Rotation ( By Click – Conversions – etc)



14: Click on Save and Continue.14


15. Dynamic Search Ad Setting.


16:Name your  Ad Group.


17:Choose “Text Ad” and start “creating your ad” and check your Ad Preview before continuing 

14001934_10209093452828955_591106271_o14017766_10209093454308992_1693676101_n18:Enter Your targeted Keywords.



19: Check the estimated Traffic and Cost.


20: Save your Ad Group:



WELL DONE GUYS , We are Just finished our Campaign Set-up


“Your Turn”

“You have always to monitor and optimize your campaign to achieve your goals from your digital marketing campaigns , Also keep trying and reading to develop your self and keep always updated”







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    Thanks really good explained.
    I was searching for such a good explainment to work on with my campaign.

    I am going to save this page and build my campaign on your explanations!


  3. horloges says

    Really good post.

    Explains all in detail, i was searching for such an article but could not find one that tells all about adwords.

    I am saving this page and going to use it for setting up my next campaign.

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