Social Media News And Updates You May Have Missed

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We would like to introduce what happened last week across the social network to help you stay updated:


Facebook’s Adding Some New Ad Metrics and Page Data Options

  1. Facebook’s adding a new ‘Landing Page Views’ metric which will show advertisers how many users actually made it to their mobile landing page after clicking on an ad.
  2. Facebook’s also going to start highlighting how many ad clicks have come from new visitors over returning ones, while they’re also adding some extra Page metrics:
  • Growth and decline in Pages followers
  • Exposure to Page information
  • Recommendation count
  1. New demographic breakdowns of Page followers


Facebook Announces New News Feed Update to Limit the Reach of Link Spammers

Facebook has announced a new News Feed algorithm update which will limit the reach of content shared by profiles which regularly post a heap of links in quick succession.

Facebook’s Rolling Out its Free Wi-Fi Detection Map to All Users

Facebook started testing out a new feature to help users find Wi-Fi hotspots in their area to help keep them connected.

Facebook wants to make group video chat a thing with its next app

After copying Snapchat’s biggest features to build Instagram Stories, Facebook is now looking to clone another app. The Verge notes that the social network is prepping Bonfire, a group chat app similar to one called Houseparty that launched last year.


Facebook Now Allows Advertisers to Target Broader Audiences in Dynamic Ads

Now, Facebook is starting to allow advertisers to target broader audiences – instead of just those people who have visited an advertiser’s website or mobile app.


Facebook Audience Network Introduces Rewarded Video for Game Developers

To continue taking advantage of the gaming ad sector on its Audience Network, Facebook is building new ad formats to cater for game developers and players as well.

Facebook introduce New Research on Facebook Ads vs TV

Facebook’s also released a new research report which examines the performance of Facebook ads both against, and in conjunction with, TV advertising.



Instagram is rolling out New Tools to Remove ‘Toxic Comments’

Users will be able to activate the option within their ‘Comment Settings’. Once in place, the system will use Facebook’s DeepText AI classification system to detect and eliminate any comments that it deems to be in violation of Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

This adds to Instagram’s existing comment moderation tools, including the ability to block specific words, or emoji, or your choosing, and the option to switch off comments on posts entirely.

You can now reply to Instagram Stories with photos and video

Instagram has updated its Stories feature with the ability to reply to stories with either photos or video. This means you can use all the creative tools found in the Instagram camera, including filters, Boomerang, rewind, and stickers to show the original poster exactly how your really feel about what they’re sharing.



Twitter Announces New Deal to Help UK Advertisers Better Link Online Ads to Offline Sales

As part of their push to better demonstrate the ROI of Twitter ads, this new deal will enable Twitter to utilize the data from Tesco’s customer loyalty program to match the actual sales generated as a result of Twitter ad exposure. Tesco, which is the largest retailer in the UK – with over 3,000 outlets across the country – has more than 16.5 million active club card members, around 25% of the entire UK population, underlining the significance of the deal.

Twitter ought to hurry up and let users flag fake news

Twitter is testing a new feature to allow users to report tweets containing fake news and bogus or misleading information reports The Washington Post.



LinkedIn Adds More New Profile Features to Help Maximize Utility

LinkedIn’s added the ability to include pictures in comments and announced some new ‘Profile Views’ data points which are coming, including the keywords people used to find your profile.

Also, LinkedIn has announced another set of new profile features to make it easier to get more use out of the platform.

  1. Connection History

In order to give you more context for your connections, LinkedIn’s adding a note to profiles on when you first connected.

  1. Updated Profile Customization

LinkedIn’s also making it easier to re-order the ‘Experience’ section of your profile with a new drag and drop option.

  1. Expanded Profiles on Desktop

LinkedIn’s also bringing back expanded profiles on the desktop.



Snapchat adds new features to Snap Map feature.

  1. You can choose who to share your location with
  2. You can turn your location off


Snapchat adds voice filters, backdrops, and web links to your snaps

By now everybody knows that Facebook has done everything in its power to imitate Snapchat across its entire portfolio, but now Snapchat is fighting back with a few new tools of its own.




Google Earth adds live video feeds for watching natural wonders in real-time

Google Earth got a major revamp earlier this year with features like browser support, 3D maps, and informative Knowledge Cards. It’s now added live content to that list.

The Voyager storytelling section, which lets you take interactive guided tours of interesting places, now supports live video feeds. The first location that you can check out up close is the Katmai National Park in Alaska, which sees brown bears emerge from half a year of hibernation to catch salmon in the Brooks River.

Google’s new Android app makes it easy to save mobile data on the go

Google launched a new tool called “Triangle” that lets you control which other apps can use your mobile data. It’s a handy little tool if you’re stuck on a crappy plan or are low on credits abroad.

Google is testing a New Design for Mobile Search Results

Google has been spotted testing a new design for both paid and organic search results.

Changes include putting the URL at the top of search cards, fewer ads, and adding more color to organic search cards.

Google is funding a news site with robot writers

Google is now funding a project which will use AI to write automated news stories,

Google’s new Blocks app lets anyone create 3D models for VR

Google’s just launched a new app called Blocks that should make it easier, even if you’ve never done any programming or 3D modeling before.

Blocks let you use an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift to create low-poly 3D objects and scenes in a VR environment. Once your creation is ready, you can export it as a .obj file for use in VR and AR projects, or show it to the world as an animated GIF.

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