Snapchat will let non-users see Stories outside its app

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Snap will enable users to share certain types of Stories outside of Snapchat through embeds or link shares. The option will be limited to public Stories appearing in Snapchat’s new Discover tab – though not all Stories will be shareable.


For those that are shareable, users will be able to distribute the content by holding down on the Story tile, bringing up a new ‘Share Story’ option.


From there, you’ll be presented with your various sharing options – the link provided can also be shared on other networks, including Twitter and Facebook, or embedded on your own website.

Stories viewed on Twitter will be viewable on platform, while those shared on Facebook will open Snapchat’s site – similar to how Facebook treats YouTube links.

It’s the company’s latest effort to stimulate user growth and bring greater awareness to Snap content, which they hope will inspire more people to download the app and check out what’s on offer. The option will also make it more inviting for marketers to spend more time and effort on their Snap content, as it will be viewable on other platforms – but there are still some limitations on exactly how Snap’s links work.

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