Snapchat’s looking to launch a new option called ‘Stories Everywhere’

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Snapchat’s Looking to Add New Options for Sharing Snap Content Outside the App

the option would effectively make it possible for creators to embed their Snap content on other apps and websites, greatly expanding the potential exposure of Snaps.

only to have it disappear completely hours later. With Stories Everywhere, and as with Memories, your Snaps would live on, enabling users to create more comprehensive presences on the app, and drive traffic back to Snapchat.


And again, brand and influencer content is a key consideration here. While Snap has long maintained that it’s about friends, not businesses – and has notably shunned influencer relationships – as the company looks to the next stage of growth, they will need to re-examine their approach on both fronts. 



Snapchat launched Memories last year, which was the first significant acknowledgement that disappearing content may not hold wide enough appeal for their ambitions. With Memories, you can re-post Snaps, though they do still appear with a date stamp, signifying that they’re not new.



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