Snapchat adds new tools including links in snaps, backdrop features, voice filters and paperclip button

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Now you can add links in Snaps, providing a way to generate direct traffic from Snapchat.

This is part of Snap Inc.’s latest update, which also includes new Background and Voice Filer creative tools.

A backdrops feature essentially lets you green-screen yourself into different scenes. Tap the Scissors button to locate the new Backdrop icon.


The tool only works with photo snaps for the time being, but it essentially lets you trace objects or people in a snap and replace the background with colorful patterns. The patterns will rotate daily, so don’t get too attached to any of the new backdrops.

Voice filters are exactly what they sound like: they change the way your voice sounds in your snaps, without the need for a visual Lens. Just tap the speaker icon once you’ve recorded a snap, and choose one of the characters.


Lastly, there’s a paperclip button that lets you link to websites. That helps add some context to your snaps, 


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“The Next Web”

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