How to Set Up and Analyze Your Activities on Instagram business profile

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Making the switch to an Instagram business profile will give you access to a number of features that business owners may find useful.

Here you are all steps to setup your business profile on Instagram:

1: Access Your Instagram Business Profile

Go to your Instagram app and tap on your profile photo at the bottom right.

Next, tap on the settings wheel icon at the top right.



2: Click on the button of switch to business profile:



3: Set Up Your Instagram Business Profile

Tap on the Switch to Business Profile option, and then the View Features link to learn about the features that come with switching to a business profile.



From here,You’ll be able to use your business profile to:

  • Connect to your Facebook page.
  • Add a phone number, email, or location so customers can reach you directly from a button on your profile.
  • Learn about your followers and see how your posts are performing.
  • Create promotions on Instagram that help you grow your business



4:Click the blue button to continue and connect to your Facebook business page:



5:Enter your business contact information, and Instagram will automatically pull information from your Facebook page.




Once you’re finished, you’ll be taken back to your Instagram profile, which will now be a business profile.



6:Tap on the Contact button to see which engagement options your visitors will see when they view your profile.



7: Explore Instagram Insights

To access your Instagram Insights, look at the top right of your new business profile next to your settings wheel icon. You’ll see a bar graph icon that will take you to your Instagram insights.



Benefits from using business profile on Instagram:

This new tool will offer different features to help companies better engage with their target audiences. A few of the new tools include:

  • Contact button. This addition makes it easy for current and prospects followers/customers to speak with an employee at the company.
  • Analytics tool – This feature enables businesses to view impressions, reach, website clicks, engagement, follower activity and demographics. Through viewing these metrics, the company can better understand the types of posts that are resonating best with their audience/followers.
  • Promote tool – This update allows the business to turn a popular post into an advertisement within the app. The “promote” tool is only accessible to Business Profiles – the user who converts the post must have admin-level access and the ads must adhere to Facebook’s advertising policies.

Business profiles can help accomplish this. By understanding what type of content triggers high levels of engagement and an emotional reaction

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