Reasons to make Google AdWords a failed tool for advertising


Google is an amazing consumer’s success story & now many people use the word “Google” as a verb for searching for something.
Google is famous because those millions of people each day turn to Google for answers to their questions.
In the marketing field marketers use Google as the best tool for pull communications strategy, but there are a lot of reasons to make Google AdWords not the best tool for your marketing strategy:
(There are reasons to avoid and reasons you can’t)

1) No one is searching for your products & services:
I know that people are using Google or search engines to find something specific and marketers using Google AdWords depend on average monthly searches for a specific keyword, as a marketer imagine that the number of average monthly searches of your targeted keywords are too small to target what you will do?

2) You don’t have the right marketing budget:
Like any online marketing tool, Google is an auction based marketing tool so your ad appears based on auction between advertisers, if you don’t have a budget to make a competition with other advertisers your ad unfortunately will not get any click.
Of course I know that Google AdWords also depends on technical issues (making a brilliant campaign) but we are talking here about what if these technical issues are equally between you and another competitor, yes exactly, Google will prefer to show the ads of highest bid.

3) Your landing page sucks:
When you make a perfect Google AdWords search campaign and you don’t have a perfect landing page you are wasting time and money.
Try to remember that your user’s hand is always on the exit button because they don’t want to waste a minute on a website (landing page) that didn’t offer any value or information, so your mission as a marketer (using Google AdWords) is to make a perfect landing page that relevant to what your ads offering.

4) You are starting to launch a new product or a new business:
If you are sitting beside a marketer that loves pull communications strategy he will try to convince you that “Push marketing is dead”.
Definitely pull marketing has advantages & disadvantages also push communications strategy!
As a marketer, you can’t ignore the advantages of push communications strategy when you are launching a new business or a new product, especially in the case of no one are searching for your products.
So our advice to you is to use push communications strategy first, then start using pull communications strategy after people recognize you and start searching for you using Google.

5) One campaign with lonely ad group with a great list of targeted keywords:
When you are setup a Google AdWords campaign try to make a lot of ad groups with targeted keywords.
If you are a cloth shop and you are selling a casual and formal clothes when you are going to start a campaign on Google AdWords make a two separate ad groups the first one for casual clothes with its targeted keywords and a separate landing page and the second one for formal clothes with its targeted keywords and a separate landing page.

Try to use Google AdWords with the smart way you can and think like a person that uses Google for searching.

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