Read on how the New Cancer Institute 500 500 has created such a positive buzz on social media in just few days.

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Non-profit organizations are winning Ramadan campaigns in spades this year. From happy cheerful tunes to nostalgic, emotional adverts.

The New National Cancer Institute 500 500 has released its main copy of Ramadan campaign on the 27th of May under the name “الفنانين و 500 500 متجمعين على الخير”.

The advert gained 356K views on Facebook and 13K engagement. On Youtube the advert was viewed 6.5K times. The sentiment analysis showcased 76% positive, 21% neutral buzz on social media.

500 500 Utilizes Nostalgia Marketing at its Best!

The New Cancer Institute 500 500 has used nostalgia marketing to provoke positive emotions to its audience, transcending brand recall and value.

The legend of Ahmed Zaki has passed away of lung cancer in 2005 and left such a legacy, very few actors has impacted Egyptians lives like the late Ahmed Zaki. So to further contribute to the coming generations and cancer patients of all ages, actors and actresses has donated an everlasting charity of a suite in the hospital under the legend’s the name of “Ahmed Zaki”.

500 500 Ramadan advert’s song by Shereen Abdel Wahab moved our emotions and hooked us by the nostalgic scenes of the Egyptian star Ahmed Zaki. Not only that, but the execution and stars-studded ad does not convey a stravaganza, it is very simple and to the point, unlike many other Ramadan ads.

Even though the advert was featuring many super stars to name a few, Yousra, Mona Zaki, Ahmed Helmy, Shereen Reda and Amr Saad. We didn’t get the feeling of overuse of celebrities, in the contrary, many of us teared up and smiled at the same time.

Ramadan Charity: Happy, Nostalgic adverts of Ramadan:

This Ramadan we are seeing many happy songs and colorful, vivid ads by the non-profitable organizations, unlike previous years when brands used heartbreaking, sad and even guilt approach to convince audience to donate to help the less fortunate or sick.

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Even though the lyrics of the ad was somehow sad, but the ad’s execution filled us with nostalgic, pleasant feelings. The mix of the good old days and being able to participate in such good deed is elating.

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