Ramadan 2017 on Repeat | Banque Misr vs EGbank!

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Banque Misr and EGbank Ramadan 2018 campaigns have piqued the question; “If a marketing tactic worked, is it better to re-create it or go for an original concept?”

When brands plan for Ramadan campaigns, in particular, they do extensive research regarding various aspects, including brand positioning, audience insight and the format in which will deliver the message in the best way possible.

These two brands have created quite the buzz last year!

Banque Misr: The Mysterious Outdoors Campaign Effect:

Banque Misr has created an outstanding anonymous outdoor teaser campaign, it has successfully caused great speculations. Later on in Ramadan, when the campaign was revealed along with two copies promoting funding Micro, Small and Medium (MSMEs) enterprises, it earned total of 6.3M views on Youtube.

According to Banque Misr report, within 6 months after “Talaat Harb Coming Back” campaign was released the bank saw 80% growth rate in funding of MSMEs projects.

Check Banque Misr Press Release from here: 



طلعت حرب راجع رمضان ٢٠١٧
طلعت حرب راجع

Ramadan 2018, Banque Misr has fallen into the comfort trap (since the idea worked, why not keep at it?!) and created the same “anonymous” outdoors campaign, with the same branding and “Talaat Harb Coming Back” but this time, he is “Not Alone”.

اعلان بنك مصر رمضان ٢٠١٨
طلعت حرب مش راجع لوحده

This tactic has worked last year because it was truly mysterious and totally unknown, however, this year the audience knew right away that the campaign belongs to Banque Misr, so it didn’t effectively serve its purpose.

Talaat Harb Coming Back Deja Vu Campaign:

The rectifying factor is the inspiring song by “Mahmoud El Esseily ft Mohamed Adaweya”

Enta Te2dar” (You Can).

On the 1st of Ramadan, Banque Misr released its first copy of Ramadan campaign, the advert is a motivational song, encouraging the youth to hold onto their dreams and believe that they will achieve it no matter what others say or how hard the journey might get.

The colorful fast paced ad has earned 6.53M views on Youtube, 6.2M views and 10.7K engagement on Facebook. The song was released on the popular music streaming app Anghami and has been listened to 15.3K times.

Choosing Mahmoud El Esseily was on point as his latest album and film soundtrack ft Assala (El Khaleya) have been gaining lots of fame. And the way both El Esseily and Adaweya’s voices compliment each other, the end-result was just magical.

On the 20th of May, Banque Misr released a second copy promoting funding of MSMEs, encouraging Egyptians to pursue their passion and to start their own businesses, bringing back the “Egyptian Made” products. The campaign’s tagline is “Talaat Harb Coming Back to Write “Made in Egypt” again.”

The ad gained 53K views on Youtube and 454K views on Facebook.

EGbank: The Extraordinarily Relevant “Oufa” Campaign:

Amists the noise of Ramadan ads, an unsung hero appeared. Social media has sided, for the first time, with Raouf AKA. Oufa. We all sympathized with his pain, we related to every unappreciated situation he has been through.

EGbank has created a phenomenon character, who helped highlight the daily struggles of young adults in Egypt in the most comical and insightful ways.

With 1M views on Facebook and 205K views on Youtube. It is stated that after just 3 months of the campaign, EGbank has sold 100% more accounts than the previous year, as well as, moving from being an unknown to a bank that achieved a top 5 ranking in a spontaneous brand recall study.

Check EGBank Case Study From here: 


After such success, EGbank decided for Ramadan 2018 to resume the Oufa campaign! But this time showcasing how unappreciated he is at his new internship/job.

The new series campaign’s 1st copy gained 571K views on Facebook and 42K views on Youtube.

EGbank: What could have been?!

The narrative is still just as relevant and relatable. However, wouldn’t it have been more fun and effective to finally see what would happen when Oufa experience being appreciated for the first time by EGbank?

Will his potential outshine all his suppressed years? How will others treat him now that he is appreciated?

Let us know if EGbank and Banque Misr campaigns’ have met your expectations? If not, what would you have liked to see instead?

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