Ramadan 2017: Behind The Scenes of Zain’s New Campaign

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Three minutes is the duration of Zain Group of telecommunication advert which reached about three million views on YouTube during the first four days of the show.

Here are some stats about the video at 10th day of Ramadan:

This year Zain presented a stunning image reflecting the tolerance of Islam during Ramadan 2017 by providing many scenes where Islam replays on the terrorism. Also, they mentioned many places faced terrorism.

The voice of Hussein Al-Jasmi was able to reach the hearts of people which is the main objective of this announcement, as he repeated every word of the song in a loud voice, pleasant and high-words.

There is a main message of the advert which is “سأخبر الله بكل شىء” led by the artist Hussein Al-Jasmi, to be a real invitation to encounter terrorism by presenting the true image of Islam with the participation of different ages of elders, women, children and men.

The advert was based on photographs of true survivors of terrorism incidents, where the advert begins with the phrase “سأخبر الله بكل شىء “, which was said by a Syrian child before he died a few moments because of his injury in 2014.

As shown in the advert Ibrahim Abdul Salam injured in the mosque of Imam Sadiq, Kuwait, the bride who faced bombing during her wedding ceremony at Oman, Haider Jabar who lost his son in Al Karrada bombing, Dr Sulaiman Faqih Hospital parking blast- Jeddah.

Zain created a heart touching video clip to make the advert more effective under the name of“سنغني حبا”.

Ramadan 2017 Advert:

The audience has different opinions between agreement and disagreement:




The advert was distinguished by presenting a wonderful and exhilarating image of Islam that fights violence, extremism and terrorism and calls for tolerance and acceptance of the other.

Here are 5 reasons behind the success of Zain Group of telecommunication advertising:

  • They used the emotional way.
  • They used a collection of explosions scenes that have occurred in real and actors who looked like the victims of the recent explosions.
  • The advert focused on a special idea which is fighting terrorism and the forgiveness in religions.
  • They focused on positive criticism.
  • They used the storytelling way.

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