Pinterest Adds New Facebook Messenger Integrations

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 Pinterest has integrated itself into Messenger with a new bot and chat extension. Messenger also updated its sharing SDK, improving sharing to its platform.


As explained by  Pinterest:

“Now Pinners can easily share ideas without ever having to leave the Messenger conversation. And starting today, Pins shared from our mobile apps to Messenger will link to our chat extension using a newly launched  SKD from Messenger”

The integration will make it easier to share and discuss Pins via message – which is important, because Pinterest says that nearly a million Pins are shared to Facebook Messenger every week. It’ll also give Pinterest another way to tap into Messenger’s audience of  1.3 billion people  with better tools, showcasing the best of what Pinterest has to offer, which could drive more users to the site.

Given the popularity of Pins on Messenger, it makes sense for Pinterest to better facilitate sharing, as it does for Pinterest to tap into Messenger’s huge audience to boost its own 200 million active users.

The Pinterest chat extension for Messenger which is being rolled out currently, makes it simpler to share Pins and to collaborate on Messenger, as it allows users to do so without ever leaving their conversations on the platform. Also, Pins that are shared from the Pinterest mobile app to Messenger, will directly link to the new chat extension.

Pinners will be happy to know that their sharing experience has been improved significantly, as the full image of a shared Pin will now appear within the Messenger conversation. The chat extension allows for a “richer, more integrated” experience, allowing users to respond to an idea, share more Pins, as well as access Pinterest’s search and Related Pins.


The Pinterest chat extension will be rolling out to Pinners using the English language version of the app on iPhone and Android over the coming days. 

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