Pepsi & Vodafone Releases an Outstanding ad for FIFA World Cup 2018 ft Mohamed Salah

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The Pharaohs need our cheers now even more. Brands are motivating Egyptians everywhere, hyping them up more, after the 28 years rut, we are already too excited.

Pepsi Egypt Uniting Arabs Everywhere:

Yesterday, Pepsi Egypt has created a remix song of celebrated Arab football commentators most famous repeated words by the name “One Love” حب_واحد#. The song showing Arabs everywhere united over their love of football. To name a few, Essam El Shawaly, Raouf Khaleef and Medhat Shalaby.

The copy gained 1M views and 32K engagement on Facebook and on Youtube 1.4M views.

Football has always united Egyptians and now Arabs are coming together to cheer and support the National team.
Pepsi has been sending the National Team’s training sessions and life in the training camp to Egyptians throughout Ramadan in a funny nostalgic series of ads.

Pepsi Egypt Talking the Same Language Arabs are Anticipating:

Pepsi Egypt are talking the same language football lovers everywhere in the World are waiting for after 28 longs years now. Which increases the excitement over the advert tenfold.

They know their audience very well and understand what they want and need in this exhilarating time.

Pepsi & Vodafone Trensending Audience’s Will: قوتنا_في_لمتنا#

Pepsi & Vodafone Egypt are coming together to stand behind our National Team along with the Egyptians.

The ad featuring the Egyptian King, Mohamed Salah and Essam El Shawaly unique voice.

The teaser released on 13th of June gained 3.4M views 57K on Facebook.

100 Million Egyptian are cheering for the National Team and the most sought after player, Mo Salah’s appearance in the teaser and main copy which was released today is quite emotional since he alone controls millions of people’s heart all over the World not Egyptians or Arabs only.

The copy gained 926K views and 25K engagement on Facebook in less than 24 hours.

Pepsi and Vodafone released the main copy today, which showcased a motivated Mohamed Salah, singing along the National Anthem and people everywhere singing along as well. They have given us a slice of patriotism in its most beautiful form, the young and the old from all segments of life sitting together to cheer for the National Team.

Let us know what is the most thing you loved in the ad? And Rate them from 1 to 10 in a comment below.

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