Orange & Chipsy New Advert Featuring Indian Abou Hafiza and Yasmine El Rayes.

Orange & Chipsy New Advert Featuring Indian Abou Hafiza and Yasmine El Rayes.

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Orange & Chipsy Akram Hosny and Yasmine el Rayes Advert:

Chipsy and Orange surprise and delight us with a colorful Hindi advert featuring two inspiring stars Akram Hosny and Yasmin el Rayes. Producing a funny advert targeting Egyptians of every age to promote their new promotion, whenever you eat and recharge, you will win megabytes, minutes and/or complete the sentence to ultimately win EGP 10,000 from Chipsy and Orange.


عرض اورنچ وشيبسي – قرمشيه .. اشحنيه..اكسبيه – ابو حفيظة وياسمين رئيس

لأول مرة من اورنج و شيبسي هتكسب ١٠الآف جنيه لما تجمع جملة "كسبت عشرة الآف جنيه من شيبسي واورنچ" من كروت شحن اورنچ و أكياس شيبسى وكمان الكل كسبان نت ودقايق ببلاش. عشان تكسب اشحن كارت اورنچ بـ١٠ جنيه او اكثر و اطلب #5# بعد الشحن ببلاش او دخل الكود اللى جوة كيس شيبسى.قرمشيه..اشحنيه .. اكسبيه#كيال_اهى #قرمشيه_اشحنيه_اكسبيه

Posted by Orange on 2018 m. Rugsėjis 30 d., Sekmadienis


The advert since its release in 30 September, it was viewed 2.8M time on Orange & Chipsy Facebook pages, and 3.1M views on Chipsy Youtube page.


The advert is a typical Indian love story, it starts with a love at first sight between Akram Hosny AKA Abou Hafiza, and Yasmine el Rayes. And the chase begins, as Yasmine el Rayes is accompanied with her father, there is huge obstacle for Abou Hafiza to talk to her, so he has to distract her father in a funny pursuit to get her attention. Lastly, he wins her heart and they sing happily ever after.


Smart Play with Egyptian Idioms:

Egyptians are fond of their idioms and special expressions, this is why we think that Chipsy and Orange chose the Indian idea to go along with the Egyptian idiom “I am not talking in Hindi“ when someone can’t understand what someone is saying, if they are talking technically, this is the idiom.


And when they try to simplify it the second idiom that it used is “it’s as clear as the sun”.

The ad’s lyrics is incoherent hindi until the part of the promotion and it turns arabic, saying that the message is clear as the sun.


Fun coincidence: the logo of Chipsy is sun.


Orange ads Funny Direction Strategy:

Orange has been taking the funny direction for a long time now, starting by Mohamed Henedi, the Egyptian comedy king back in Ramadan 2017, then Abou Hafiza AKA Akram Hosny “عروض للركب”, also, Ahmed Amin known of his funny, and relatable show “El Plateau”. Lastly but not least, Orange’s collaboration with Saturday Night Live in Arabic (SNL بالعربي) cast.


And the funny direction is suiting greatly their target audience, their latest advert featuring SNL Arabic cast in Dolphin promotion “اللالي”


The ad in just a week was viewed 10M times and is number 13 on Youtube trending.


Continuing in this direction, Orange cross promotion with Chipsy is no different, however,
 “كيهالاهي” the latest advert is quite jumbled, it’s hard to totally get the message at first glance. On the other hand, Orange and Chipsy have got themselves a catchy music and lyrics, and earworm of some kind so, audience will come back to it, and let’s not forget the colorfulness and cheerfulness of the advert. 


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