Oppo and Xiaomi Releases Localized Campaign in Ramadan 2018

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Mobile manufacturers are joining the Ramadan/World Cup race, with localized campaigns. We are bringing to you the tactics and approach used by Oppo and Xiaomi.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Oppo is the 4th largest global market share in 2016. According to brand director for OPPO MENA Andy Shi, he said that they have succeeded in increasing its sales in Egypt by 131% year-on-year in 2017.

Oppo Releases World Cup Campaign Speaking the Egyptian Way: رسالة_للمنتخب_الوطني#

When global brands are localizing their campaigns to attract Egyptian consumers, they have to understand the audience, their interests, their daily life and their jargons.

This is the second Ramadan for Oppo Egypt, they released on 7th of May a new ad for World Cup though.

The copy gained 1.49M views on Youtube, 62K views and 1.9K engagement on Facebook.

The ad sends a message from Egyptians to the national team in Russia. The message is sent from Egyptians doing what they do everyday, like playing PlayStation, in the club playing football and drawing beautiful graffiti on buildings. Worthy to note the lovely family preparing the dinner table, and the mother’s prayers to the team is so much relevant.

The campaign is still ongoing, Oppo is encouraging the audience to make a video of their message to the national team.

Oppo F7 Specifications Take a Back Seat in the Ad:

The traditional smartphone ads are mainly list of the phone specs in a clever video that showcase the phone’s design. Oppo, has given the specifications of their newest mid-range segment smartphone a back seat to the Egyptians message.

Since it is a known fact that we go everywhere with our phones to capture every moment, so the ad showcase people capturing their message to the national team with their Oppo F7, and on the edge of the screen appears a different spec of the phone, but it doesn’t distract the viewer from the message. It’s more like a subliminal messaging than direct selling.

Last Ramadan, Oppo has released a Ramadan themed series of ads showcasing the phone’s amazing camera.

The brand didn’t use celebrities to promote its phone last Ramadan or the world cup campaign. Let us know what you think of this tactic?

Oppo has positioned itself since the very start as millennials’’ phone, the Selfie Expert for selfie lovers, and the ad didn’t disappoint.

Xiaomi Egypt First Ramadan, but No Ramadan Ad:

The other Chinese smartphone manufacturer is Xiaomi finally makes an appearance.

Xiaomi has been founded in 2010, but just last year it has branched out of China to open its first store in Egypt. The smartphone maker has making strides and bypassing competition swiftly, to become the world’s No.4 largest smartphone maker in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The new-to-the-scene mobile maker released an advert featuring the young aspiring actor Ahmed Malek promoting its newest mid-range segment Redmi Note 5.

Xiaomi Egypt Flips Egyptian Proverbs on its Axis:

Xiaomi Egypt has released a week ago an ad in which they flipped the Egyptian proverbs on its axis, showcasing Xiaomi’s understanding of the Egyptian culture featuring Ahmed Malek.

The copy gained 1M views on Youtube.

The localized campaign targets millennials, starting by casting the rising star Ahmed Malek to the flipping of the Egyptians proverbs.
Whether you are with or against the choice of casting Ahmed Malek in the ad, we can’t deny that he is a rising star and he seems to be changing since the last mishap which happened long ago.

The ad’s script is fun, fast-paced and showcase that choosing Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 is the right shortcut of many things.

Sprite Ramadan 2017 Campaign: هو_ده_الجديد#

Xiaomi is not the first brand to reach millennials through the proverbs strategy.

Sprite has released a Ramadan campaign last year under the name (This is the new) هو_ده_الجديد#.

Sprite re-imagined the Egyptians proverbs and changed them to fit the new generation, and not only that but introduced new packages with the new proverbs as well

This copy gained 2.4M views and 19K engagement on Facebook.

Let us know what you think of Oppo and Xiaomi’s campaigns in the comment and which do you like more?

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