Now you can add a shop section on your Facebook page

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Big Move from Facebook.

Fcommerce officially ready

Now you can add a shop section on your Facebook page.
This step from the vision of Facebook to focus on E-Commerce and Search engine through Facebook.
Your customers can purchase directly from Facebook, without leaving the platform , They will pay through Stripe.
Facebook will not charge you any fee from purchasing cycle.
Stripe will not process payment for your orders until you mark them as shipped. You have to choose from the tractable shipping methods and enter the Tracking Number , you can sync an existing account or set up a new one.
When you set up your Facebook Shop, you will receive an email from Stripe with your new account details.
Facebook announce that anything you offer in your Shop will be reviewed  before it’s available for purchase

You Can buy physical products Like:

Sports & Recreation,
Clothing, Shoes,
Personal Care,
Plus any other physical goods category.
This feature is likely only rolling out to certain pages starting in US and will be available soon. 


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