New security feature reveals if Facebook mails are legit

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In your security settings, you can now check to see recent emails you’ve received from Facebook. 

Scammers regularly use emails made up to look like they’re from The Social Network in order to steal your information, prompting users to log on to address an issue of some kind, with a link that takes them through to a phishing site.

But now, Facebook’s providing a way to validate such messages. In a post on the Facebook security page, Facebook Product Manager Scott Dickens has outlined their new tool which provides a listing of all the emails Facebook has sent to you, so you can cross-check any questionable correspondence.

As explained by Facebook: is a common domain that Facebook uses to send notifications when we detect an attempt to log in to your account or change a password. If you’re unsure if an email you received was from Facebook, you can check its legitimacy by visiting to view a list of security-related emails that have been recently sent.”



The new feature, as noted, is available within your Facebook settings – once there, tap or click on ‘Security and Login’, then right down the bottom of the list, you’ll see the new ‘See recent emails from Facebook’ option.

The listing shows you not only security alerts but also any notifications Facebook has sent, including updates on post activity, mentions, events, etc.

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