New National Cancer Institute 500 500 Advert: Spreads glamour and put a real smile on your face.

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There is nothing more uplifting than the look of pure delight on someone’s face especially the sick children:-):.

500 500 Hospital advert proves that persuading people is not about the advertising budget, audience prefers to feel a deep emotional connection to a brand and to engage with them.

Check the 5 reasons which could make this ad win the Golden medal in Ramadan 2017:

  • Simplicity

Simple, creative and effective lyrics which provide the fans a beautiful atmosphere and glamor including colorful scenes

  • Non-traditional advert:

We usually see this main message: Please support or donate the X program that Y shares with its partners, association of Friends of the X and Children’s Cancer Hospital Z.

Hospital 500 500 delivers its message in a different way this year fully with happiness and hope for children.

  • Choosing popular celebrities from different industries:

Choosing perfectly various popular celebrities like: 

  • Athletes: 

Ramadan Sobhi

  • Singers:


  • Actors:

Mohamed Ramadan | Asser Yassen | Yousra | Kinda Aloush | Ghada Adel

  • The interesting song:

Asala’s tone of voice spreads the marketing message encouraging people for charity work while putting a smile on your face.

The nice Lyrics of the song which was written by | Tamer Hussein & Rabei El Souofi

  • Choose an effective name & slogan | افرح و عيش | #مستشفى_500500_هي_التحدي

The role of the celebrities who participate in sharing the advert cross the social media channels:

  • How the audience engage with the advert:


Audience response towards Lamis el hadidi’s appearance 

[icon name=”comment-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] The advertising strategy for the campaign is managed to deliver New National Cancer Institute 500 500 brand message to the potential donors in the hopes of convincing them for funding assistance.

[icon name=”bullhorn” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] In case you missed it:



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