Nescafe Egypt creates Viral Relevant Campaign for the Misfits this Ramadan | #‏قهوة_الطالب_المصري

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When you put customers at the heart of your brands, gaining loyal customers is a sure thing. Brands achieve best results when they create the optimum campaign, this happens when you know your target audience, speak their language and create fun, original content.

Nescafe Egypt Viral Content: شجع كليتك

Nescafe Egypt has been targeting college students under campaign’s name “Coffee for Egyptian Students” “قهوة الطالب المصري”.

6 Months ago, Nescafe has created college anthems of 3 different faculties; Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Fine Arts. Promoting new Nescafe 3in1 packaging for almost every faculty in Egypt.

The first copy gained 7.2M views and 190K engagement on Facebook.

Which generated user generated content, customers started creating similar anthems for their beloved faculties. And customer will drive awareness about your products when they are customized, just like Coca-Cola international campaign “Share a Coke with” 
“كوكا كولا احلى مع”

The UGC gained 1M views.

Creating customized packaging, to suit audience’s interest drive purchase decision, makes them feel extra special. Deviating from the longtime-active campaign by the name “Begin it with Nescafe” “إبتديها مع نسكافيه”.

Nescafe Egypt Relevant Campaign: #‏قهوة_الطالب_المصري

On the 15th of May, Nescafe Egypt second hit of “Coffee for Egyptian Students” campaign was addressing the ultimate confusion between the two generations. There are many things that we don’t necessarily agree on with our parents and relatives, and if you choose a specific branch that is not the traditional, you will be under scrutiny and uncomfortable conversations with your family in the gathering which increase in Ramadan specially.

Nescafe Egypt’s highest viewership copy is targeting Engineers who majored in Quality Assurance.

The copy gained 2.1M views and 78K engagement on Facebook.

Nescafe Egypt Visualized our Everyday Struggle and Has the Solution:

As Nescafe is an important part of our morning, and the start of everything great, it has introduced 3 new flavors to the misfits who chose to go against the norm and comfortable zone of our parents.

In the eyes our our parents and relatives we are the “square pegs in a round hole”, Nescafe Egypt recognizes our passion and came up with hazelnut, chocolate, and caramel flavours to suit our mood and specific preference.

Watch the complete series here: #رمضانك_نسكافيه

Nescafe Egypt Goes Against the Tide of Ramadan Ads:

Nescafe’s copies are not Ramadan themed, or star-studded. In 2015, Nescafe has created an outstanding campaign, upbeat song performed by West el Balad.

The copy has gained 8.65M views on Youtube.

Read more about Nescafe’s 2015 Ramadan campaign tactic:

Why has Nescafe been away of the Ramadan themed advertisement for few years?

Do you have to follow the traditional form of Ramadan ads to achieve your business’ goals? Nescafe has created quite the buzz on social media with original, relevant content.

Traditional or not, check out below audience’s reaction.

Customers relating to the Nescafe’s Content:

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