Negative comments on ads: Leave or delete?

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There is no such thing as bad publicity, but in reality, it is what you do with this negative comments is what matters”

So, just the 1st day into Ramadan and we’ve got a commercial that received negative vibes and comics this commercial has been launched by “دجاج الوطنية” featuring Amr Khaled and Assia.Othman.

After launching their 1st copy, they had to yield and delete it after a few hours after a big buzz of negative feedback.

Let’s watch together the advert and summarize it:

Alwatania Chicken Advert Featuring Amr Khaled | Ramadan 2018

10 Mistakes That Kill Their Campaign:

1- Use religion terminologies to promote a certain product.

2- creating a vague marketing message.

3-Failing to define the main personas that you are targeting in your Advert!

4- Old script shows the weakness of the advertisement storyboard.

5-Low budget and weak Artwork.

6-Failing to choose carefully the right tone of voice.

7-Not setting plan B and crisis management plan.

8-Conflict between if this copy was a teaser campaign or the main advert for “دجاج الوطنية”

9- Bad choice for the set-up and decoration too. 

10-Failing to choose a closing and call to Action

Listening to Audience Feedback



Marketing lessons can be learned from this advert:

  1. Give customers what they really want. And be willing to spend some money to do it.
  2. Never relate religion to your adverts.
  3. Know your audience and personas.
  4. Set a plan B and FAQ to be prepared.
  5. Have a clear marketing message.
  6. Use the right tone of voice.
  7. develop a follow-up plan for assessing its effectiveness.
  8. Set early a crisis management plan.
  9. Never give up quickly.
  10. Advertising aligns with brand identity

Your turn:

Share with us your thoughts and you will Leave or delete this advert?

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