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Mohamed Salah has shocked everyone when he deactivated his social media accounts, which turned out to be a marketing stunt for a paid partnership with DHL Egypt.

DHL Celebrating its 50 Years Anniversary:

In celebration of DHL 50 years anniversary, DHL has collaborated with the Egyptian King Mohamed Salah to promote its core message to the limelight.

“To get in touch, for real.” #شبكة_التواصل_االإنساني:



DHL advert was viewed 1.2M times and gained total engagement of 167K on both Facebook and Twitter.

Two days after Mo Salah deactivated his social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), on Thursday the global logistics giant DHL has released a video with the caption: “We’ve reached Mo Salah and we can connect you to him.

Which explains Mo Salah’s encrypted tweet right before he disappears, turns out it’s not a belated new year’s resolution or anything, just a marketing ploy.

The speculations and theories have varied regarding the disappearance of Mohamed Salah on social media last tuesday some guessed that it is related matters with the Egyptian FA, there were theories that the Egyptian might be moving from his current club “Liverpool” to another one as part of the current ongoing January transfer window and other theories were related to the ongoing criticism from rivals fans about supposed diving had driven the forward to ground.

 Can We Trust You Again Mohamed Salah?

Reactions have again varied regarding Mo Salah’s move, since he is an international star and not just in the MENA region, so disconnecting from his worldwide fans for a promotional campaign might have backfired.

Mo Salah is an idol for every age and nationality, and social media is their only way to connect and get inspiration from their inspiring star.

On the other hand, Arabs have been ecstatic regarding Mohamed Salah’s return and even more inspired by DHL advert.

The 2018 and 2019 African Footballer of the year, “Mo Salah” is gradually growing back the fans he lost by deactivating his Twitter account, after the 7.78M, he has now 4.62M follower on Twitter.


DHL Strikes Gold with Mohamed Salah’s Partnership:

DHL has made a very strategic move featuring the Egyptian King, Mo Salah. In such a heartfelt and genuine message, he is the best choice. 

Who wouldn’t want to send a symbol of admiration to the Egyptian King?!

DHL says that the advert features real fans, sending real gifts. The art and effort showcased in the advert delivers the message loud and clear, there is absolutely nothing better than getting in touch. For real.

Get creative, start creating and show the Egyptian King just how proud you are, check this link on how to deliver your message. For real.

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