Mobile Statistics in Egypt help you in Setting Your plan

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Mobile Marketing industry raise quickly  Don’t miss opportunities to reach +11 Million mobile internet user in Egypt through various methods .

Here are  some interest Mobile statistics in Egypt :

  • +93 million Mobile subscriber.
  • +11 million Mobile internet users.
  • 19% of the mobile phones are smartphones.
  • 88% use their smartphone when they are watching TV.
  • 82% of smartphone users do a search for a product or service using phone.
  • 64% of smartphone users doing daily search from their phones.
  • 30% of smartphone users notice about ads in search engine ,while 24% users notice about app ads.
  • 41% use their smartphone to make a comparison between prices.
  • 66% of smartphone users access daily to social media platforms.
  • 30 % Access the internet everyday on their phone and leave home with out it.
  • 41% Purchase  from their smart phones.
  • 82%  performed a mobile search after seeing ads.
  • 80% Watch videos through their smart phones.
  • Almost 70% of customers are interested in Rich Media Ads
  • On a market research study, 71% of mobile users in Egypt use their phones for entertainment purposes, use apps and play games.

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