That is why McDonald’s is the fastest delivery in Egypt


In a meeting with a marketing manager for a big brand that have a social media problem “negative feedback” because of not achieving the marketing promise.

He looks at me and say “Ok, We don’t have a crisis, and we need to solve the problem using the art of social media”

Me: Ok, Social media is important, but not everything solved by social media.

He: What?! No, social media can solve any marketing problems.

Me: If you are not delivering your marketing promises, Social media only can’t solve this.

He: How?!

Me: Let me start with an example, you are starving and you want to eat something delivered fast, what you will eat?

He: McDonald’s

Me: Why?

He: Because McDonald’s is the fastest delivery in Egypt.

Me: Yes, Exactly McDonald’s keep his marketing promise for you, imagine that McDonald’s didn’t keep the marketing promise to you and not delivering the food on the right time, what you will do if you see a social media post from McDonald’s saying that “We are the fastest delivery in Egypt”.

He: I will comment that they are lying!

Me: Exactly, You will have a negative feedback because they don’t deliver the marketing promise when they are delivering the food.

So, What you need to do right now before thinking about social media solutions is to deliver the marketing promise then you will get a positive feedback and a perfect word of mouth.

Keep your marketing promises and deliver these promises when you are delivering your products and services.

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