MAYDAY Egypt’s First Multiple Unique Real-time Roadside Assistance

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We have all been through dire situations in the streets of Cairo, whether your car broke down, ran out of fuel or had a flat tire, and always the struggle is finding a friend nearby or you’ll be stranded for hours.

But worry no more, the quick, safe solution is here.

MAYDAY is an Egyptian startup offering real-time roadside assistance. This mobile application will be your new best friend, the one closest to you wherever you go and happy to help any time of the day.

MAYDAY provides various services to all motorists in Cairo and Giza; you can easily call for a tow truck when your car breakdown.
When your car runs out of gas, MAYDAY will deliver emergency fuel to help you reach the nearest gas station, which if you ever faced this situation, knows how hard it is to get fuel from the station by yourself as per the new regulations. 

MAYDAY also provides battery jump-start and tire change services.

 The help is just one click away, with its friendly interface, MAYDAY is easy to use.

All you have got to do is download MAYDAY app (it’s available for iOS and Android), subscribe to the multiple packages, and you’re ready to go.

MAYDAY has wide range of packages and offers allowing you to choose the most suitable payment option while ensuring a transparent pricing and payment process is in place for a hassle-free experience.

Click on MAYDAY anytime, anywhere and stay safe on the road.

Interesting fact about MAYDAY app name is that it’s an international distress signal used by ships and aircraft, which is derived from the French “venez m’aider” which means “come, help me”.

Furthermore, only after four months of its inception, MAYDAY received an initial round of funding of $20,000 via VFlock & other angel investors. Also, It is part of the 2nd cycle of MINT incubator by EGBank and Cairo Angels.

Not only that, but Misr International University recognized its promising potential and MAYDAY is now, the first official start-up to be endorsed in its mission to support the entrepreneurship scene in Egypt.

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Get MAYDAY, Get Road Safe Now!

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