Marketing Kingdom Conference Amman-2015

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Welcome to the Marketing Kingdom Amman which supported by #imfnd 

After the phenomenal success in Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Qatar, the Marketing Kingdom, one of the world’s fastest growing marketing events, is finally coming to Jordan.

Taking place from 10-11 May in Amman, the Marketing Kingdom features presentations by some of the world’s most innovative marketers from Google, Yahoo!, Lego and Coca-Cola, on the latest trends, challenges and issues in the global marketing world.

Whether it is social media marketing, customer marketing or experiential marketing, our event is tailor made to help you create the best marketing strategy for your company. Most importantly, all presentations at the Marketing Kingdom are interactive and will provide you with practical solutions that you will be able to implement when you go back to your company. Finally, at the Marketing Kingdom, we have created over 5 hours of discussions that will provide you with solutions to your marketing problems.

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  1. اردني اصيل says

    بصراحة في كثير متكلمين اول مرة بنسمع فيهم , فجاة صاروا متكلمين
    كنت حاب احضره لكن عندما اكتشف بعض من المتكليمن بس لانهم واصلين في الاردن و لا يستحقوا الظهور امام الناس بطلت احضر
    ما بدي احط اسمي الحقيقي لان هون في الاردن المواضيع بتتاخد بشكل شخصي و الي ما بيسوا في التخصص صار يعمل حالوا بيفهم و بيدرب

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