Marbou7a the most famous bean cart case study using the power of Social Media

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Mohamed Habib ,

Egyptian Guy who left his position in Dusit Hotel and start his own business which was

“Marbou7a” the most famous Bean cart in misr el gedida .

Mohamed graduated from Commercial college – English section ,

Worked in Finance field till he reached finance manager position at big brand in Alexandria.

In 2012 his father passed away and he has to come to cairo to be with his mother , He worked  first as chef in

Dusit hotel , with objections from his mother , He take decision to start his own business and the surprise that

it was a bean cart.

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Mohamed said in interview with ” اتفرج ” channel , that he focus on delivering the most famous meal for Egyptians

in creative way with healthy process and new items in ” Sohour meal ” Like the Greek cheese.

Marbou7a team also wear gloves and have healthy equipment for cooking and making nice decoration on their

bean cart.

Mohamed said also that this project made income higher than his banking position and made it front of his house in misr el gedida , Cairo and said that recently his mother took her friends to his bean cart and made her proud of him.

He advice any one want to start a start-up or his own project , to keep up his dream and don’t afraid about

how people look for his job or project , because if s/he care about their reviews s/he won’t achieve any success or movement in their lives.

Mohamed also used the power of Social media and making Fan page under the name of ” Marbou7a”

and communicate through Facebook channel with his customers , he said that all of his customers came from word of mouth and through Facebook fan page .

One of Mohamed friends made post on Facebook talking about him and how she was proud of Mohamed ,

This post go viral through Facebook and a lot of pages in Food industries talking about Marbou7a which made a lot of people asking about location and try Marbou7a meal in Ramadan.

Here are Mohamed Interview with ” اتفرج ” Channel :

Summary :

“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it and do your best to achieve your goals and success and don’t care about how people looking towards your actions ”



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