LinkedIn is rolling out native video on the platform

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LinkedIn’s Big New Feature – Native Video

Breaking: LinkedIn is busy rolling out a native video on the platform.

Up to this point, LinkedIn has relied on third-party providers such as YouTube in allowing users to share the video on their news feeds or inside of blog posts.

That all changes with the advantage of “native” video, a move that has seen massive success on Facebook and other social networks.

The new native video feature allows you to use a mobile app called “LinkedIn Record” to film and share yourself answering questions submitted by other LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn has a sampling of videos online already that you can watch, starting with co-founder Reid Hoffman asking – and answering – a question about what’s next with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

Watch this video – LinkedIn

The videos automatically play on your desktop news feed (similar to Facebook) and are also available to watch via LinkedIn’s popular mobile app.

livideo5(1)In addition, the example videos shared by LinkedIn feature several influencers answering the same question (about AI in the workplace) and are strung together, one after another, auto-playing until you hit “pause” on one of them.


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