Learn To Make Great Ads With Your Mobile Phone

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Facebook’s Creative Shop has created a portal dedicated to teaching marketers about the power of the one device they always have on them and to give you some inspiration – both creative and technical.

First, Facebook asked: “What does it take to make a great ad?”. In fact, the answer is the small device that every marketer has in his/her pocket, the mobile phone.

The Mobile Phone is a small but mighty tool. It houses everything you need, from a brilliant camera to a ton of easy to use apps that empower you to make world class advertising for your business.

This platform provides 3 options:

  •  Remix allows you to use existing materials that you have on your device
  • Shooting from Scratch helps you build great assets from the ground up.
  •  Tips and Tricks gives you a list of top creative apps you can use

You can start from here ???? http://bit.ly/2e6Ci5d


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