Launching SEO Audit category in Lighthouse Chrome extension

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Lighthouse is an open-source, automated auditing tool for improving the quality of web pages. It provides a well-lit path for improving the quality of sites by allowing developers to run audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps compatibility and more. Basically, it “keeps you from crashing into the rocks”, hence the name Lighthouse.


The SEO audit category within Lighthouse enables developers and webmasters to run a basic SEO health-check for any web page that identifies potential areas for improvement. Lighthouse runs locally in your Chrome browser, enabling you to run the SEO audits on pages in a staging environment as well as on live pages, public pages, and pages that require authentication.


How to use it

Currently, there are two ways to run these audits.

Using the Lighthouse Chrome Extension:
  1. Install the Lighthouse Chrome Extension
  2. Click on the Lighthouse icon in the extension bar
  3. Select the Options menu, tick “SEO” and click OK, then Generate report


Using Chrome Developer tools on Chrome Canary:
  1. Open Chrome Developer Tools
  2. Go to Audits
  3. Click Perform an audit
  4. Tick the “SEO” checkbox and click Run Audit.


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