Know what’s Converged Media and its types in 3 points

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Recently most of brands doing extremely well integrating paid , earned and owned media , They converges its media types in a variety of different ways.

Here are the main 3 types of  Converged Media

Defining Converged Media 

Its about the relationship of each media and who the target stakeholder .

You have to know the 3 methods of converged media :

A)Paid Media

Paid media is often considered traditional advertising which include banner ads , paid search marketing , sponsorship , direct email etc .

Advantage of using paid media that it can scale quickly and easily, if you have message you want the masses to see today , paid media is the right channel .

B) Owned Media

Owned  Media Is the content your brand has complete control over , such as the corporate website , blogs , communities , email news letter and social media channels such Facebook , Twitter , YouTube and Instagram.

Advantage of Owned media that typically target your brand’s existing community and current customers.

C) Earned Media

Earned media is the natural response of public/media relation’s efforts , ad campaign , events and the content you create within your owned media channels.

Advantage of earned media that became the new outlet and are spreading brand messages through word of mouth.

Converged media


Each of those channels plays a critical role in your content strategy , the real power is when you can integrate two or more of these channels into one campaign or initiative .

Summary :

“Your Content Strategy must include paid , earned and owned media in order to reach your target Customers”


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