Instagram now lets you regram your posts to multiple accounts

Instagram now lets you regram your posts to multiple accounts

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The feature – which was actually first spotted in testing back in December – will be welcomed by social media managers who are working to maintain several accounts – but then again, it kind of goes against the original content ethos that Instagram was founded upon. While it may make things easier, and it may add more content to Instagram’s ecosystem, it will be repeated content, duplicated across multiple accounts.

Is that a good experience for your audience, or the audience of the profiles you manage? That call will come down to your individual assessment, and likely, the crossover potential between the different groups who follow each respective entity.

But then again, it could be great for promoting major sales events across various different accounts for a single brand (Nike, for example, has ‘Nike Football’, ‘Nike Sportswear’, ‘Nike Basketball’ etc.), or for raising awareness of an issue or cause across multiple profiles. There could be ways to utilize the functionality well, but it does seem like the most common usage will be to cut down time spent in posting, which will result in a lot of the same content being shared out from multiple accounts.

TechCrunch first discovered the feature thanks to a tip from SocialThings founder Zachary Shakked, who says “it could save a tiny bit of time.” Other users, including Jay Elaine’s Get Branded, also showed off the new feature, as seen above. Once users select a photo or video to post, the Instagram for iOS composer screen for adding captions and tags now includes toggle switches for syndicating the post to your other accounts to which you’re logged in. We’ve asked whether the feature will come to Android (I’d assume so in the future) and Stories (anyone’s guess), but Instagram hasn’t responded. You still can’t regram posts by other people, or your own after you publish.


Will you be using this in your social management process?

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