How to Export your LinkedIn Connections & engage with them in Professional way

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The social media is much more than the “professional” Facebook. It’s a business-oriented social networking site, that not only brings connections, but results. LinkedIn has over 380 million active users.

Today, brands both corporate and small are utilizing its tools to network and generate messages.

For us the most powerful concept behind LinkedIn is that it finds the right people and the connections you have with them. It makes the networks of the people we know visible.

LinkedIn shows us our second and third-degree networks and the paths towards them. This has tremendous value.

If you truly want to build Social Influence with your connections and become more valuable to them, dedicating time to strategically helping others can elevate your “social” status.

People want to be connected with a connector, Connectors are considered valuable resources because they’re genuinely interested and engaged in helping others succeed.

Working to connect your connections on LinkedIn not only helps you become a more influential person, you’ll also benefit from triggering the rule of reciprocity.

Before Connecting with your contacts don’t forget the following :

  1. Analyze Your First-Degree Connections
  2. Identify your 10 best business relationships from this list and jot them down. Also add the 10 most influential people you’re connected with.
  3. Filter Your First-Degree Search by Geography, Industry and/or Keywords
  4. Send Individuals & Corporate Connections a Private Message and start your communication with them
  5. Make every message belong to every person or company and dedicated to him / her not sending Bulk General messages to all .
  6. Be clear and objective oriented in your communication and show how you can add value and make win to win relation.’

Step by step to download your linkedIn Connections:

1: Go to connections tab.

Linkedin Contacts 1

2: Right on Setting icon 
Linkedin 2

3: Go to the right side and click on Advanced setting and export LinkedIn connections

Linkedin 3

4: Export your connections in the type you want :

a) Microsoft outlook , csv file.

b) Outlook express , csv file.

C) Yahoo mail.

D) Mac OS , Address book

E) VCard , VCD

Linkedin 4

5: Enter your Security code.

Linkined 5

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