What is hot in social media this week ?

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Here is some important news for this week, to keep you updated:

What’s hot This Week

1. Facebook Testing New ‘Reminders’ Function for Page Admins.


2. Tumblr Adds Image-Enhancing Stickers and Filters.


3. Google Improves Youtube Ad Performance And Measurement Across Screens.

Google has announced changes that will allow advertisers and agencies to better measure their campaigns and reach their audience on YouTube, across screens. All this, while offering people full control over their ads experience.

4. Facebook’s Bringing a Snapchat-Like Stories Function into their Main App.



5. Facebook Messenger begins testing ads…and they’re big.

Facebook is beginning to test integrating ads into its mobile messaging app’s user interface.

6. Instagram Live Is Now Available Worldwide.

7. Snapchat Partners With Nielsen To Sell Campaigns Like TV Ads.

Snapchat is partnering with Nielsen’s mobile Digital Ad Ratings unit, allowing advertisers to buy guaranteed audiences by age group and gender, just like they do with TV ads.


8. Twitter Announces New ‘Explore’ Tab to Replace Moments.

Twitter is introducing Explore, a tab that the company says will be a home for the most popular and relevant content on the platform.


9. Facebook Is Changing How It Ranks Videos in the News Feed

Facebook is changing how it identifies trending topics. While topics were highlighted in the past based on what users were engaging with on the platform, Facebook will now factor in the number of publishers posting about a given topic, along with the type of engagement it’s getting.

Also adding context to each set of keywords. Now, topics will be accompanied by a headline from one of the publishers that’s written about the subject

finally, Facebook is beginning to roll out its game plan for showing real news.


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